Top Reasons to Move to Melbourne

The heart and soul of Australia, Melbourne is quickly becoming the biggest hub for anything you can think of in Australia. Whether it is food, art, work or sport, chances are Melbourne will have the biggest and best. And it’s true. All you need to do is take a walk through the diverse and cultured streets of the city to realise just how much it has going on. Unfortunately, the Melbourne weather is as crazy as the city itself. You could walk out of the house one morning wearing a beanie and thick coat, but by mid afternoon may be wanting to head to the beach as a hot summer storm looms on the horizon.

Victoria is the home of AFL, with Melbourne the capital. Nine of the eighteen teams reside in Melbourne, so during any cooler months from April until September you have your pick of the action with at least several games played in Melbourne on one weekend. But which stadium do you go to and for which team? Well I’ll leave the team up to you, but if you’re visiting Melbourne the MCG or Melbourne Cricket Ground is an absolute must, especially if you’re as football obsessed as the Melbourne Finance Experts team is. The stadium commands the skyline around it and is a dominating feature, the largest sporting stadium in Australia. The only way the already impressive structure becomes more unbelievable is when you take an MCG tour. When you look up into the stands from right on the ground, you feel small. It’s an amazing feeling.

If sport and sporting history is your style, the rest of Melbourne may appease you with the various options for entertainment. Numerous pieces of street art can be found in dozens of side alleys throughout the city, often depicting famous individuals or current affairs. The street art can be as small and undetailed as a spray-painted tag on the side of one of these buildings, to iconic pieces of art that stretch the entire height of a building.

Once you’ve checked out the street art and looked around, it might be time to hit up the Queen Victoria Market. It is the largest open-air market in the southern hemisphere and is packed with absolutely everything including the kitchen sink. The coffee here is simply delicious and with so many options, you can’t really go wrong. The markets will send your tastebuds into a frenzy and even if you don’t plan on stopping to buy anything, you’ll find they will surprise you. But how do you get there?

Melbourne is great in this regard and an example of this is its public transport system. They are still the only city in Australia to use trams extensively and this might cause some problems with interstate drivers understanding hook turns, but the trams free up so much congestion in the city. If you need to be downtown, all you need to do is get to your local tram station and one will be along in a few minutes. It’s timely, free within the certain city zone and most importantly convenient with a tram stop only every few hundred meters so you never have to walk far.

If you’re wanting to live in or visit the ‘world’s most liveable city’ there has never been a better time to do so. It’s also known as the ‘best student city’ and people from all creative, adventurous and innovative minds are coming together to all become part of Melbourne. Melbourne truly is the place to be when looking to start a family, business or even just a new phase in your life, for those young and old!

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Melbourne Finance Experts

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