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Car Loans Melbourne

Are you looking for a car loan in Melbourne? Getting a personal loan can seem difficult, with strict criteria, high interest rates and fees. Our car loan brokers however are able to provide you with access to a larger selection of lenders.

In many cases in the current personal loan market, there are now many lenders working only with finance brokers which are significantly below the cost of traditional banks and online lenders.

We Help Our Car Loan Clients With:

  • How much you can borrow
  • Whether fixed rates or variable interest rates are better for you
  • How to reduce fees and have access to lower interest rates
  • Car loan options for bad credit and self employed avaliable
  • Car loan options for PAYG, self employed, businesses, new, used, collectors items and more

Some of our recent client successes

  • Financed clients new car purchase (BMW 335i) at 25% lower than dealer finance, allowing the client to save over $350 per month
  • Replacement finance completed for 25 truck fleet
  • Successfully financed collectors purchase of a 1967 Mustang Fastback under standard car lending pricing

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