Can I Get a Car Loan With Bad Credit?

Do you need to apply for a loan? Do you have a bad credit score? Well, don’t worry because this does not mean that it is impossible for you to find that car loan for the vehicle you wish to purchase. Of course not all companies will approve of you getting a loan from them, this is because they see it as too much of a risk and would rather not allow it.

If you need to figure out how to get a car loan despite your history with credit which may have deemed, you do not be a worthy candidate for a loan then you may always broaden your options. There are still companies or lenders that will allow you to apply for a car loan even with your bad credit.

The important thing for you to do is understand what your choices are and what you need in order to make a car loan with bad credit.

What Is Bad Credit

Bad credit is determined by having a history for being unable to pay for credit that you have applied for in the past and it describes that you are unable or were unable to pay for the credit on time or in the end of the term of your loan. This affects your credibility to apply for a new loan as it will show that a loan given to you at the certain time with your current credit score will be a credit risk and therefore inadvisable to a company to carry out.

In able to rid yourself of bad credit or improve your credit score would be to settle unpaid credit and continue with paying or settling current or past transaction which relate to previous loans or unpaid bills and more. This will determine if you will be able to pay for any other future transactions and is important to companies as they will not want to risk the chance of issues as much as possible when it comes to loans and other credit based transactions.

How Does Bad Credit Affect My Credit Score

By having bad credit, you will not be seen as a worthy candidate for approval for other loans or applications for transactions that involve credit. This will end with you not being accepted when applying for loans or plans that involve making purchases or availing of services that may require long term payment and will end in the result of not having your application approved.

How To Get A Car Loan If You Have Bad Credit

Although some companies will not approve of allowing you to get a loan due to bad credit, there are still some options available. Not all companies are strict about bad credit but they do understand as should you, that approving a loan to someone who has bad credit is more of a risk to them which will result in the need for more information, legal documents and assurance.

In order to cope with the risk of approving a person with a bad credit some companies will require more from you in the amount of higher interest rates than other companies would. This makes up for the risk they are taking by giving you a loan regardless of you having a bad credit score which works for them by charging more for interest while it allows you to get the approval you want.

In short there will be companies that will approve of loans even though you have a bad credit score but these may sometimes be hard to find and if you do find a company that will allow you to apply for their loan, you will most likely be required to go through an application process that may turn out a bit different as they will be requiring more information and assurance of your credibility in the late run.

Where To Get A Loan If You Have Bad Credit

Some banks will allow you to apply for loan even if you have a bad credit score and will require more information from you as well as proof that in your current financial situation you will be able to pay for the loan, especially if you had a past issue with a loan or currently have an outstanding loan that you still need to pay for. The lower your credit score is, the more you will be required to provide but if you are in a situation where there are too many issues with your credit score, you might not be subject for approval.

Finding a company for approval of a loan is not hard, you may notice companies that can approve of your loans or banks that can accept you even if you have a bad credit score. This merely depends on where you are and what you have applied the loan for. In the end all you need to do is find a company that will eventually approve of your application for the loan. A good step would be to do some research on companies near you where you can apply for your loan.

Secured And Unsecured Car Loans

If you apply for a secured car loan, this will allow you to approve of the loan with a small interest rate but as collateral the lender may collect your car if you are unable to pay for the loan. This reduces their risk by making sure that in the event that you do not fulfil to the terms of your agreement that they may take the vehicle you have purchase until the debt is settled or until further things are discussed and processed.

An Unsecured loan on the other hand will cost more when it comes to interest due to the fact that they will not be labeling your vehicle as collateral. When an unsecure loan is applied for you will be fully aware of the interest and will definitely notice that it is higher than other offers but in return you can apply for this even if you have a bad credit score.


Some companies will require you to have a guarantor to make sure that there is more credibility. This ensures that in the events of you not being able to pay for the loan, someone will be able to pay or guarantee an exchange depending on the proposed transaction.

A guarantor is a person who signs and agrees to pay for the loan if the original applicant fails to pay for it and will be bound by their agreement to do so, unlike the co-maker who may pay for it at will along with the owner.


It is not impossible to apply for a car loan even if you have bad credit as there will always be a way to find some company or bank that will approve as long as you can provide them with the necessary requirements in order to satisfy their agreement with you. It may sometimes be hard to find companies that allow you to apply for a loan despite the bad credit score you have but keep in mind that this may cost you more.

Melbourne Finance Experts have lenders and products available which can help borrowers with credit impairment to still access affordable car loans. If you would like to find out your options for a car loan, contact us today.

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